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English Learners

"We have started using STEPS at our Auckland-based language school with great success. We have noticed immediate improvement in the areas of literacy and vocabulary retention by our Saudi Arabian students. The students are engaged, motivated, challenged and looking for more!"

Paul O’Farrell, Manager CCEL Auckland Campus

Steps is an ideal resource for learners of English.  It provides:


  • A structured research-based approach to English
  • Variety of activities
  • Strong emphasis on vocabulary and language
  • Printable reinforcement materials
  • Several structured literacy courses with self-test features and automatic individualised reinforcement
  • Bank of everyday topics – over 100 lists covering common vocabulary


All activities and games are designed for learners of any age.  StepsWeb is ideal for class use and can reinforce any materials or subject materials. There are also workbook courses, which are designed with a literacy focus, but are also suitable for ESOL learners.

There are School and Home account options available, depending on your needs.

Steps - Free Trial

Click here for a Free Trial of the Steps Software.



How can I use Steps to learn English?

It’s easy! There are lots of things you can do:

  • Work through one of the courses on Steps. The assessment will tell you where to start
  • Use the Everyday Topics section to learn common English words. This has over 100 wordlists covering different topics.
  • Enter your own lists to practice new words or words you find difficult.
  • Learn the words you need for your job or studies (in any field!)
  • See some of our case studies below!

If a word is not already in Steps, you can enter it yourself. You can also put in (and record) a sentence and even a definition for that word.

Can I learn advanced vocabulary?

Yes! Steps can be used up to and including university level. It can be customized for every learner or subject area.

Can I use Steps to help with IELTS and other English language examinations?

Definitely! There is plenty of material on Steps already, but you can also enter your own lists. In this way, you can customize Steps to support your studies.

Can I learn words I need for work?

Of course! You can enter technical vocabulary or any words you need in your workplace and practise them as much as you want. Tell me more.


Case Studies Click the headings below for more info


Case Study 1 -  Migrant organisation

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