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Case Study 1 - Migrant organisation

MCLaSS (Multicultural Learning and Support Services)

MCLaSS is a non-profit incorporated society offering free education and support for adult refugees and migrants in the Wellington region.

Their focus is on helping New Zealand residents whose first language is not English through beginner ESOL literacy courses, job brokering, career coaching and English skills assessment and learning pathways information.


A letter from Kim Paterson, Programme Coordinator:

"We use your program to support the learning of our ESOL adult refugee and migrant students. We are a not for profit organisation that provides free classes to beginners and post beginner levels. We have found the program particularly helpful for slower paced learners who have issues with literacy. It allows them to work at their own pace and autonomously within the classroom. Many have been very keen to buy their own copies for home use as they can see the benefits for their whole family.

It is also greatly appreciated by the teachers who find the ability to use the recording function to add words relevant to class work and create tailor made lists for individual students,  a real bonus. The audio component is ideal to reinforce learning on several levels.

We have some students who have failed the school system in their own countries in their mother tongue and in teaching them English we see signs of dyslexia that distinguish them from the rest of the class. However all class members even those with strong spelling skills enjoy your program so in fact it is often used by the whole class so no one feels left out. Emily reports they even get up and use it in their break time !!! High praise indeed.

It is a fun way to learn with the different activities supplied and it allows increased exposure to words in a short period of time. We have seen the gains made and can anticipate even greater gains as more of our teachers become familiar with it as a tool and introduce it into their learning space."

Kim Paterson, Programme Coordinator
MCLaSS (Multicultural Learning and Support Services)


Recommendation from Emily Blyth:

"This year I have begun using the Steps programme with my ESOL class.  Working with a group of students who speak English as a second language we often have very mixed skill level classes.  Students are of various levels of education, and therefore the pace of their learning varies considerably.  Some students cannot write in their own language making it a complex process to learn reading and writing in English.  Students from countries with very different sound systems struggle with pronunciation of various sounds. 

All these differences make it difficult to target lessons to each individual student’s specific needs.  The Steps programme manages to do this.  It has been a wonderful new addition to my collection of teaching resources.  I am able to monitor each individual student’s progress and provide them with listening, reading, spelling or vocabulary that is suited to their needs, ability and level of learning.  It also means I am free to work with students individually and learn their particular needs more thoroughly.  Finally it allows students to feel confident in their own learning as rather than comparing themselves to other students and feeling frustrated, they are instead measuring their own progress.  I strongly recommend this programme to any teacher."


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