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Self Help

Steps is an incredibly versatile program.  It can be used in many different ways and by people of all ages.

Adults and older learners can use Steps to improve their literacy or language skills, even if they are working independently. 

You can do any (or all!) of the following:

  • Take the Spelling Test to find out where to start on the Courses option
  • Enter your own lists in English or Māori
  • Use Steps to learn technical vocabulary for your workplace


Features include:

  • Right-click on any word or definition to hear it spoken
  • Enter a sentence or definition to learn how to use the word
  • Automatic, individualised reinforcement
  • Enjoyment while you learn –effective games and activities, which provide extra reinforcement


Support your studies

You can also use Steps to help you with courses you may be doing. You can easily add your own wordlists from textbooks or topic material you are studying. The Definitions feature lets you put in a definition or explanation for a word. This means that you can also learn complicated terminology.


See our Case Studies below! Names have been changed for privacy reasons.

Case Study 1

Malcolm is in his late 40s and works in a bakery in Christchurch. He has never been able to read because of very severe dyslexia. He realised that he would not be able to get a promotion without being able to read and he started to use Steps at home.

He worked through the First Steps course and the High Frequency lists, doing every single activity. He found that he needed to do lists several times before he remembered them permanently, but he kept at it. He is now reading short books for the first time in his life!


Case Study 2

We recently heard from a woman in her mid 40s, who is currently doing a nursing degree in the UK. She is dyslexic and has always had difficulty with spelling. She puts her medical terminology into Steps together with an explanation of what that term means. She has wordlists of medicines, with definitions showing what the medicine is for, and lists of medical conditions.


Word                Sentence

lymphoma          The patient is being treated for a high-grade lymphoma.


This is a cancer which affects the lymphatic system and arises when developing lymphocytes undergo a malignant change.


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