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Home Schoolers

Steps is an ideal resource for home schoolers. It can provide the basis for a full literacy course, covering reading, spelling, vocabulary, key aspects of grammar, comprehension and verbal reasoning.  

Steps can be used in a variety of ways.

Individual spelling needs

Children often have difficulty with particular words. You can look through your child’s written work and identify the words he or she is having problems with. Then just enter those words into Steps as a personal list. You can build up a whole series of lists, which also creates a revision bank of materials.

Topics and subjects

When you tackle a particular topic, it is very useful to create a list of the key words, which your child can practise and become familiar with. You can also enter a definition for each word, which will help your child learn subject terminology and factual information.


Your child can follow the Steps to Literacy course on Steps. Your child should do the Spelling Test first.  This will tell you which level to start on.

Your child can just do the computer course, but most home-schoolers find it valuable for their child to do the workbooks as well. 

Basic Skills

The Supporting Activities and Games provide valuable practice. They can be ‘dipped into’ as necessary to teach different aspects, such as handwriting, alphabetic and phonic knowledge, phonological awareness, memory, and spelling patterns.


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