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How can I use Steps?  

Steps is a versatile literacy program which can be used in many ways.  There are set courses, which your child can follow and the program can also be customised.

This section gives you some general guidance about using Steps effectively with your child.  There are lots of other features, which you can find out about by reading the Steps Manual, which will be on your desktop when you install Steps. 

 We are currently producing some videos which will demonstrate different features.  The first of these should be ready early in 2013.


Reinforcing your child’s learning – effective strategies


School spelling lists

When your child comes home from school with a spelling list to learn, you can quickly and easily enter the list into Steps for your child to practise.   Show me more.


Individual spelling needs

It is very effective to check through your child’s school books and focus on his/her difficulties.


Reinforcing extra tuition

If your child is having extra tuition either in or out of school, it is very valuable to provide your child with extra practice and reinforcement by using Steps.    Get the tutor’s advice on what to concentrate on most.  Your tutor will be able to give you the lists of words or word families which he/she is currently teaching.  You can then find those lists or enter those lists in Steps.



Please note that we do not recommend this option if your child is having extra tuition using different materials, as you will overload your child with too many different spelling patterns at the same time. It will be more effective to use Steps to reinforce what the tutor/school is doing (see Reinforcing extra tuition section above).

Your child can follow the First Steps or Steps to Literacy courses on Steps, either with or without the workbooks. Your child should do the Spelling Test first.  This will tell you which level to start on.


Basic skills

By using the variety of activities in the General section or the games, your child can develop and practice many literacy aspects, such as their alphabet (sounds and letters), numbers, colours, days and months.    He or she can also develop key aspects of phonological awareness and phonic knowledge.


The games can be accessed through any wordlist.All games have an educational purpose (although they’re also designed to be fun!).They all develop key aspects of literacy knowledge or skill, but provide an enjoyable challenge for learners of all ages!


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