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A New Zealand Made Product


The most effective and affordable way to support your child's learning!

StepsWeb is an online literacy and language programme created for New Zealand learners. It is designed to work on any device, including iPad, Chromebook, Android tablet and, of course, computer or laptop.

StepsWeb is effective and enjoyable. It caters for all learners aged 6 – adult and is used by over 800 NZ schools.

Purchase an annual subscription to StepsWeb now:

Single user - $80 p.a.

Additional users in the same family - $40 p.a. each
(If signed up in the same transaction as the first)

Sign up to StepsWeb Free Trial

What parents say:

"My daughter uses your programme at school and couldn't wait to use it at home last night. It is a fantastic learning tool and it works very effectively." - Paula E.

"A friend of mine's son uses your programme at his school and she was raving about how much his reading has improved since he's been using it." - Pip L.

"Since starting Steps, my child's confidence with spelling has been dramatically increased. He now loves to read by himself at night in bed and his fluency has increased. Whilst sick in bed recently, he did crosswords all day! It is lovely to see his confidence in reading, spelling and writing has risen so much in just the last two months." - Cassandra S.

Workbooks are available to reinforce the Courses section. These are not essential for most users, but are appropriate for home schoolers and for learners who need extra reinforcement. Sign your child up for a free trial, and the Placement Test will start them on the correct level of the Courses and tell you which workbook to purchase. We suggest getting the Answer Booklet as well!

StepsWeb includes the following:

  • Courses Section

This section includes structured courses, which you can follow independently, or in conjunction with our workbook courses, Steps to Literacy Initial and Steps to Literacy.

The placement test will place your learners at the right level and StepsWeb will monitor their progress, analysing their errors and creating individualized revision modules.

  • Wordlists Section

This includes a variety of wordbanks, covering high frequency words, frequently mis-spelled words, spelling structures and rules, grammar points (incl plurals rules), word study (incl.  prefixes, suffixes, root words), subject and topic vocabulary.  Over 6,000 words, sentences, clues and definitions.

Wordlists also gives you the ability to create your own lists, either for classes, groups or even individual learners.

  • Visual Recognition Speed Test

StepsWeb will automatically test your learner’s visual recognition speed and monitor their progress.  This test measures how quickly a learner can visually recognise a word in milliseconds and can identify learners with difficulties in this area.  This aspect is linked with the operation of the Visual Word Form Area of the brain, which is responsible for instant visual recognition of words (and consequently reading fluency).  The test also sets the starting speed for activities within StepsWeb which practice and develop this aspect.


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