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Comprehension Booster (PC Only)

(Excl GST)

Main Features

  • Comprehension Booster is a NEW, research-based program which enables children to improve their reading and listening comprehension.  It caters for ages 7 to 14.
  • Comprehension Booster also improves inferential thinking skills, auditory memory, vocabulary, verbal reasoning, concentration/attention and reading speed.
  • Comprehension Booster includes a wide variety of fiction texts.  An optional add-on pack includes the same quantity of non-fiction texts.
  • Comprehension booster is easy to use in class or at home.  It is adaptive and needs minimal supervision.  Full teacher facilities are provided.

Price: NZ$67.00 (Excl GST)

$77.05 (Incl GST)

Why children need Comprehension Booster

Over 20% of children have poor reading comprehension. Research shows that most of these children lack the practice to acquire effective reading skills. They have difficulties in relating text content to background knowledge and experience. They are unable to frame questions that will help them extract important information. They often have poor working memory.

Overcoming poor reading comprehension requires plenty of practice at reading different types of texts in an interactive learning environment that focuses on developing key strategies. In the face of competition from TV and computer games, few children get this essential practice.

Comprehension Booster - Non Fiction Add-on Pack

  • The expansion pack for an additional 70 non-fiction (informational) texts

PC only


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