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Memory Booster (PC Only)

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Memory Booster is a NEW approach to helping children improve their memory skills. Memory Booster is a computer program that is effective even without parental or teacher supervision. Memory Booster teaches flexible memory strategies and takes the child through enjoyable exercises that develop and extend learning skills. Memory Booster is adaptive, so the activities are automatically adjusted to the abilities of each individual child. Learning progresses at the pace that is best suited to their needs. However, parents or teachers can configure the program to make it easier or harder if this should be necessary.

Memory Booster contains attractive and colourful graphics that appeal to children and also has high-quality digitized speech. The program features voice of the international TV and film actor Brian Blessed as Pooter the Master Computer.

Memory Booster has been widely trialled in schools and homes, with very successful results. Children enthusiastically enjoyed using the program, and made measurable improvements in their memory and learning capacity. The vast majority of children also preferred Memory Booster to conventional memory training activities.

Please note that Memory Booster Home Version is not suitable for School use because it is limited to 2 named students, and only contains levels 1 to 5; we recommend the Standard Version for School use.

PC only

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