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StepsWeb Workbooks A-F

Suitable for learners of all ages who are spelling at below an 8 year level or who have language difficulties.

StepsWeb Teaching Guide A-F


StepsWeb Workbook A


StepsWeb Workbook B


StepsWeb Workbook C


StepsWeb Workbook D


StepsWeb Workbook E


StepsWeb Workbook F


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StepsWeb Workbooks A-F

The StepsWeb course (A-F) is a highly-structured, multi-sensory series of workbooks, which teach and reinforce literacy for learners spelling at below an 8 year level.  The activities cover:

  • Handwriting and letter formation
  • Sight vocabulary and key words (colours, days, months, etc)
  • Phonological awareness
  • Phonic knowledge, including decoding and encoding skills
  • Visual perception, including visual memory, discrimination and tracking
  • Language awareness, including vocabulary, comprehension and key grammar points

The workbook courses can be used independently, but learners would benefit from the considerable extra reinforcement and variety provided by the Steps software programme or StepsWeb online programme, which directly reinforce workbook content.

The courses are suitable for literacy learners of all ages from 6 upwards (including adults) and are also used by many English language (ESOL) teachers wanting a structured language progression. The materials are especially suitable for learners with dyslexia and other learning difficulties and are compatible with the literacy curriculum.

Parents or adults are advised to download the free trial of Steps or StepsWeb and do the Placement Test, which will recommend an appropriate starting point on the courses. However, our advice is: 'If in doubt, start lower'. Time spent consolidating the basics is seldom wasted. Even if a learner has started at a level which is slightly too low, the worst that will happen is that they progress quickly and successfully!


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