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Te Puru School

Te Puru School implemented Steps for the first time in Term 1 of 2013.  They have not yet collected results, but we have had the following feedback (and great pictures!) from Jayne Bolsover, Management Team:

"We are operating 4 days a week with two teacher aides and we have targeted about 20 children in our school. 
We are already seeing great results."

“Our target children are the children who have a spelling age of 2 years or more below their chronological age.
We have 23 children on The Learning Staircase programme,  Our results show great progress.”


Spelling Test Results

Term 1 – February 2013

Spelling Age

Term 1 – April 2013

Spelling Age


6 years 0 months

6 years 9 months


6 years 9 months

7 years 8 months


6 years 7 months

7 years 4 months


5 years 9 months

6 years 5 months

“These are the children who have consistently struggled to make progress as they have moved through school.  Many of the students are part of the Government target groups highlighted by ERO.   The children enjoy the programme and have fun while they are learning.  We have noticed an increase in their self-confidence and their belief that they can do it.  This is a tailored programme for children who learn in their own unique way. “

Feedback following a recent school-based training course

“We are having fantastic feedback from the course. We had a staff meeting on Monday and did a Round Robin feedback session on what people had started to implement in their classrooms.

Sarah has her groups on a rotation on Steps every day now, so the computers are constantly being used.

Ashley has developed a fine motor control box with all sorts of fantastic exercises in it, based on your ideas about scrunching up the telephone directory.

We are going to buy a resource box for all our classrooms. I am using the 3,3,3 for my spelling programme now, thank you.

Anne is setting up a Staircase Unit in her back room.

We are buzzing! Probably the most exciting thing for me is I have just tested my children on the essential wordlist.

My children who were really struggling are now writing beautifully and have nailed the first 3 lists.
Is it okay to say I just love your programme?!!”

Jayne Bolsover




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