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ESOL/Language Difficulties

Steps can be used with learners of English as a second language or with learners who have particular language or comprehension problems. 

Steps is currently being used by:

  • ESOL teachers in schools
  • English language schools (in NZ and abroad)
  • Speech/language therapists
  • Parents wanting their child to learn or improve their English

Steps is a structured approach to the English language. Using Steps will teach and practise all of the skills of reading and spelling. It will also develop the following:

  • Reading and listening comprehension
  • Vocabulary, comprehension
  • An understanding of English sentence structure and grammar

In addition to structured courses which an English language learner can follow, there is also an extensive ESOL wordbank covering over 100 everyday topics. Each topic list has a range of computer activities, as well as extensive printable resources.

Steps can easily be customized to the individual learner’s needs or to support the curriculum.


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