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Steps Remedial

Steps caters for all learners with remedial literacy needs – aged 6 to adult!


By providing a structured, multi-sensory, research-based approach which addresses all of the key processing weaknesses which cause learners to struggle (see The Big Five).

By providing huge amounts of structured, varied reinforcement, incorporating every aspect of literacy learning, including reading, spelling, comprehension, grammar, phonics, phonological awareness, visual processing, memory, writing, dictation and proof-reading.


If a teaching approach covers all of the processing difficulties, it will cater for every learner – even the most severe dyslexic!  The only things that vary are:

  • How much extra help the learner needs (Beware! – we often under-estimate how much help some children will need!)
  • Whether the learner needs in-class support, withdrawal or specialist tutoring
  • How quickly the learner will progress
  • Whether the learner needs to be on the workbook courses, as well as the software
  • Whether the learner needs the additional game-based activities

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Supporting Resources

For learners with remedial needs, we recommend that they also follow the workbook courses.  Learners at a lower level of literacy would also benefit from extra reinforcement using the Schools Gameset Pack (game/activity materials).  This is because these learners need considerable support and reinforcement to develop the processing skills involved in literacy (see the Big Five).  This extra reinforcement is best provided through games and hands-on activity. 

The games also provide considerable variety and enjoyment for pupils (and teachers!).


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