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Visual Perception

There are a number of aspects of visual perception.  Visual perception difficulties affect reading fluency in particular and mean that many learners remain slow, laboured readers for ever.  Learners in this category typically benefit from using larger, sans serif fonts.  They may have particular difficulty with words which are visually similar (of/for, saw/was, three/there).  If these learners do not develop instant visual recognition for words, they will never develop true fluency.  If there main strategy for reading is decoding, they are also prevented from effectively following the sense of the passage, which has a detrimental effect on comprehension and other language skills.

How does Steps develop Visual Perception?

All of the activities which develop phonological awareness have some impact on visual recognition of words, since instant visual recognition also requires an understanding of phonic patterns/phonological awareness.  However, there are a number of activities on Steps which specifically develop Visual Perception:

Find the word – visual recognition, decoding
Word Flash – visual recognition, development of occipito temporal
Sentence Builder – reading in context, visual recognition
Word Search – visual discrimination, pattern recognition, tracking
Spelling – phonemic awareness, phonic knowledge, visual memory, visual sequencing
Spelling Test - phonemic awareness, phonic knowledge, visual memory, visual sequencing
Drop – visual sequencing, visualization
Visual memory – visual and spatial memory, word recognition
Fireworks (game) – visual discrimination, tracking, pattern recognition
Snap (game) – perceptual organisation, visual discrimination
Blocks (game) – spatial awareness, hand-eye coordination, directionality, fine motor coordination
Pop the Balloon – spatial awareness of the alphabet, sequencing, keyboard awareness
Reversals (letters and numbers) – visual discrimination, directionality
Alphabet Order – tracking, visual discrimination, sequencing, working memory
Directions – directionality, spatial concepts
Perception – spatial awareness, perceptual organisation
Spelling (General) – visual discrimination, pattern recognition


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